Online shopping is emerging to be a major sector in Indian Economy. If we glance on last decade, then we can easily see that technology has drastically triggered growth of online shopping in India. But as we know,  according to census count of 2011, almost 70 percent of Indian population lives in Mofussil area and they do not have access to the internet all the time. Hence, due to unawareness, a major part of society hesitates to make use of online shopping. So here are some tips & tricks, which you can follow and make your experience of online shopping happy & memorable.

  1. Making an online payment is convenient most of the times!

When you shop online, you have two choices to choose from, viz., Cash On Delivery and Online Payment. Cash On Delivery (COD) is a good option but not always. If you have chosen COD option, the product comes to your place and you are not home then what to do? Suppose, your neighbors or watchman picks the parcel, but doesn’t have enough money to pay them? The parcel will be returned. Hence, it is very useful to make online payment so that any of your neighbors or your watchman can pick your parcel in your absence.

  1. Beware of All The Possible Threats While Making Online Payment

Making an online payment is easy and convenient, but you must be very careful and aware about all the possible threats you may have to face due to ignorance. First of all, check out the security of the website through which you are making online payment. Check I the security certificate of website is valid or expired. If the website is not secure enough then it means you are prone to attacks of hackers and spammers. Secondly, you should make sure that you don’t tell your banking details to anyone. You should only submit these details to authorized shopping portals. If you tell your credit/debit card no, CVV no. to anyone, they can misuse it, and make fraudulent activities. Last but not the least, make sure that the shopping website gives attractive and lucrative offers & discounts along with hefty cash backs. Then only your shopping experience can become memorable. gives you huge cash backs, along with attractive and never-to-lose, tempting offers & discounts!

  1. Make Sure That The Shopping Website is Trustworthy

You can check the credibility of any website online, by reading customers reviews about that website. If it is found that many customers are not satisfied with the service, then its better to not proceed to that website.

  1. Check Out All The Variety Products Available

All the online shopping websites make you available all the brands around the globe. As more variety is available to choose from, you must check out as many brands as possible. It will increase the possibility to receive super deal along with lots of perks!

  1. Check Out Latest Offers Along With Their Validity.

If you want to make your online shopping experience heavenly, you must pay attention to the latest offers that are going on. As, the old offers may get expire soon and availing them could be risky if you did not pay attention to their validity.

  1. Choose Quality along with Quantity

This is one of the most important points one must not forget if they want to make their shopping experience happy & memorable. Sometimes a particular product is available at lower prices, but it might be degraded in terms of quality. Hence, one must check the quality of the  products also along with their cost. Some shopping websites put degraded products at lower prices under the name of some attractive offer. One must not get fooled in such cases. CashOnBuy avails you superior quality products at the best online prices along with attractive & lucrative offers and discounts.

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